View Point Farm


Indoor and Outdoor Horse Boarding

At View Point Farms, we provide indoor and outdoor horse boarding in Nebraska for short and long-term stays. You can have peace of mind knowing that your horse is being cared for in a safe environment by trained professionals.

Indoor Horse Boarding - $400 per Month

We have 24 indoor stalls where horses can have their own comfortable space. The horses are kept dry and warm.

Outdoor Horse Boarding – $300 per Month

The horses we keep outdoors are placed in groups and safely housed in secured pens.

Woman Riding A Black Horse
Aerial View Of The Farm

Other Amenities

We have two tack rooms, where saddles and other accessories are safely stored until they are needed.

We also offer a seasonal pasture, where horses can roam, play, and graze during the day before being brought back into their designated indoor area at night.

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Are you looking for services not included on this page? Ask us about other services we can provide for you and your horse(s).

Special Offers

We provide discounts if you have multiple horses that you want to board.

*Please note that we don’t charge for trailer parking during your horse’s stay.

Woman Riding A White Horse